A Spirit Baby Talks About Free Choice

by Christine Nightingale, B.A. (Psychology)
Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, Aromatherapist, Spirit Baby Communicator

Prospective Mother: I had an unexpected pregnancy that was terminated.

Spirit Baby: Mommy, I did not attach to the baby body at all, as I knew it was unlikely to be accepted.

I live in your aura and am aware of everything you think and feel. A baby body can go on for 7 weeks without a Spirit Baby attached.

Prospective Mother: What do you need in order to come in?

The most important thing is that daddy must be willing to accept me.

I would not be happy if daddy did not want me. Of course it is possible that he could learn to love me.

Is there anything you need me to know?

All babies want to come in through conscious conception. They want both parents to invite them in. And you have more power than you know. You might be able to sway daddy's thinking in time.

Guide: You also need to be aware of conscious conception. When you are able to make love with the intention of making a baby. Plan on assisting in the important part of conception... the attachment of the Spirit Baby to the embryo.

When you have made love and the future mother's face is glowing with love, this creates a conception cradle above her head... a halo which indicates the crown chakra(connection to spirit) is fully open. This will be a beacon welcoming the baby home... for the Spirit Baby enters through the mother`s crown chakra.

Do I need to relax more?

Spirit Baby: Yes, that has a lot to do with being able to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

But there is a far more important reason.

You need to gradually become more self-assured, more aware that you are in control of your own destiny. Anyone can choose to float, of course, to let the tides of life bob you back and forth.

Or you can understand that you chose this lifetime to learn certain lessons. The most painful experiences are often the ones you learn more from. They make you sit up and pay attention.

But the point of challenges, Mommy, is to rise to them. To become who you are meant to be. To learn what you are supposed to. To be proud of who you are. To ask for more for yourself also... to be assertive. You can do it, mommy. And this "accidental" pregnancy was meant to be, so that you would start to understand that you can choose your own destiny. Your own needs are as important as anyone else's.

If in time you and Dad come to a more equal relationship, it may be possible for me to come in to you.

If not, I can still be in your aura as a guide because of course I am as close as your heartbeat, only in another dimension. But you can become aware of me, and we can learn to communicate.

Do I need to make changes to my lifestyle?

Please go for a walk daily to look for my signs.

You can also use the Law of Attraction. Simply get something small, just for me, as if to prove to you and me that you know I am real. It could be a pair of booties, preferably hand made. Every day spend five minutes with a candle and with the booties in your hands imagining the feeling of me in your arms (wearing those booties!) This is telling your body that you believe you will one day be carrying me in your womb. And while you are doing this sing a song ... preferably one which you associate with babies... it could be anything, though, which expresses the feelings in your heart.

How can I communicate with you?

Well the main ways are through seeing things which are messages (like repeating numbers, or a bird or butterfly which comes close to you or acts strangely), hearing things which are messages (like songs which you associate with babies), meditation, asking to meet me in Dreamtime, a feeling (like love) or sensation(like warmth or chills), or just knowing (the way some moms know the gender of the child they are carrying by the energy.)

Is there a reason this experience happened?

It was necessary for you to truly understand how much you want a baby now. But for that to be successful you need to understand that you have more power than you know. You are not just the victim of circumstance, and your feelings are as important as daddy's.

We live on a planet of free will. We make choices, and this happens every day of our lives. We are free to choose in a different way than the day before.

For example any human (in societies which allow it) can choose his or her own mate. And we can also choose another mate later.

(Animals either mate for life or they do not, depending on the species. Humans have the choice, at least in some societies. Other societies do not permit the young members to choose their own mates, and that can become entrenched. The older members do not want their offspring to have choices which they did not have.)

You are choosing right now, mommy, to understand more about your life.

Is there something I'm supposed to know?

Spirit Babies have choices also! We choose our parents, and whether to attach to a particular body which is made available to us. Actually, most of us choose our mothers, which is not quite the same thing. A few Spirit Babies choose the couple. A few choose their father.

Now if the mother is not able to give birth to them for any reason they still will stay with the mother for life.

But if they have a sister, then they will go to the sister when she is old enough to have a child. This way they can still get to know the woman they originally chose, as her grandchild.

Christine Nightingale, B.A (Psychology), Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist, Aromatherapist, Spirit Baby communicator. I have helped over 500 parents connect with their Spirit Baby. My focus is helping mothers learn to communicate with their Spirit Babies (future children) after miscarriage or before conception, which is often followed by successful conception. For more info see nightingalehealing.com or send an email.

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